Meek Mill Issues Public Apology To Ghanaians After Jubilee House Music Video Saga.

 Celebrated American rapper Meek Mill has issued a public apology to Ghanaians after a music video that he recorded at the Jubilee House sparked public outrage on social media.

Meek Mill in trending Jubilee House music video. Photo Source: @MeekMill
Source: Twitter

 According to the 'All Eyes On You' hitmaker, the video was not intended to offend Ghanaians.

He further stated that the fastest way to create connections is through music and he sought to do that by displaying art which was the Jubilee House. 

Meek Mill went on to say that he is in his 30s, has spent his entire life in America, and has little knowledge of Ghanaian culture.



However, after making a statement, popular Ghanaian food blogger Zubaida A-Rahman told Meek Mill that he was not the person Ghanaians are infuriated at. In response, Meek Mill explained that he was excited to show the rest of the world about the office of the Presidency since its existence was not shown in America. He hinted that news about the culture and historical monuments of Ghana were not shown much in the American media, and noted that it was not intentional to offend Ghanaians. 


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